Are there benefits to raw milk? Is Raw Milk Safe?

Are there benefits to raw milk?

Are there benefits to raw milk? Let’s find out…

Have you read the articles lately about real milk and how healthy it is for you? Are there benefits to raw milk? Maybe you’ve heard conversations here and there and have been asking yourself, “Is raw milk safe to drink?” It can be confusing when you hear commercials on TV telling you how healthy milk from the grocery store is. But is it really? And just how can you know it is really okay to drink unpasteurized real fresh milk straight from the cow?

Well let me clarify one thing here. I don’t generally drink the milk “straight from the cow” per se. I do bring it into the house, set it on the counter top in one of my many heated converting kits, and then use it for making sauces and soups. But that’s really only a small aspect of this fascinating hobby.

The one thing everyone needs to understand is this: real fresh milk is an improvement over processed or packaged milk. It is pasteurized, but you can also get it from your local grocery store as well. And the difference is not just about the freshness. Yes, you can have a glass of 1% milk and get some great fragrant, tasty, and healthy foam to drink. But that is about it.

The entire debate is really about, are there benefits to raw milk and how to process the milk in a way that keeps the enzymes and nutrients intact, but does this mean that it is noticeably different from a processed item? Not really. In fact, the process of simply heating the milk and then converting it to ice and then to the usable ice-forming form is the same. The only significant difference is that when it is heated the nutrients are able to be assimilated more readily, but the starches and fats need to be broken down first.

I personally believe that gifts of fresh milk from a friend or neighbor are far more ethical and warming than items that are sold in the stores. Not only is it heartwarming to share something you grew yourself, but rewarding too.

Even if you don’t have an animal, you can still get your supply of milk in your local store. It doesn’t have to be a cow or a veggie either, although they are very close. For example, I got my milk for doing dishes on a special occasions as well as for the kids. Imagine knowing your child or child has reached a new age milestone with a little quality milk in their system.

candies are another great item for sharing. Kids love those and probably even adults in the cases where milk is not readily available. If you don’t have any in your store, you can always check the Easter basket for your child or the Christmas basket for your child if you didn’t have any other suitable gifts for them both.

As we talk about gifts, naturally sweet foods come into the picture. Obviously fruit is a must and so are eggs, butter, biscuits, honey, jams and jellies. Other items that are considered gifts that may also be considered for your child are little toys, stuffed animals, baby blankets and items that parents can prepare handmade cookies and brownies.

You can also make up a nice little gift basket of goodies for the parents of another friend, co-worker, or relative. You can make up a theme basket if you don’t feel like doing the work of creating all the gifts yourself. tainers for instance can be made up of chocolates, cookies, tea and coffee accessories, car accessories, baby accessories and much more. Does everyone have to be given chocolate? No, not really. What about other gifts like this that you can make up together?

Another idea would be to buy ready made gifts. There are many Christmas basket gift sets that are available and they make fabulous gifts. Buy a few for your fellow workers, your neighbors, your bishop or your teachers. Also, find out if they do also buy flowers and decorations, do the decorations as a group or will they be alone. Will you be going with a theme also? Gifts that show your personality are always welcome.

We would like to give you a basic guide to use while buying your Christmas basket.

  1. There is no need to buy a basket.This is not true. However, you need to have an idea of the theme you’d like for your Christmas basket, decide if you will need a celebrant, and then decide on a pattern and colors.
  2. Can you make up your own?Yes, you can make up your own basket as much as you like. You can make up as much as you need using your own items. Ask the shop if they do this.
  3. What do you need to buy?Most stores haveieties to select from for your basket. You don’t need to buy a special amount of anything. Make up as much as you need and order your basket.