10 Magic Tricks Whose Secrets Are Finally Revealed

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It’s often said that true magicians never reveal their secrets. But in the era of technology, it’s getting more and more difficult to hide a reasonable explanation from a skeptical viewer.

We at Bright Side are ready to demolish all the illusions surrounding these 10 incredible magic tricks.

10. Turning coffee into coins

10 Magic Tricks Whose Secrets Are Finally Revealed

This trick from David Blane is popular around the world. The magician takes 2 plastic coffee cups, cuts one in half, and fills it with coins. Then he makes a tiny hole in the bottom of the big cup, puts a sponge inside, and places the cup with the coins on it. Now all he needs to do is place his finger inside the hole. The small cup will go up, revealing the coins, and the coffee will be absorbed by the sponge. The rest is just acting!