Everyday food that helps weight loss

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There are countless fat diets and super food trends it seems impossible to keep up. One day the hottest avocado toast is yesterday’s grapefruit diet. Modern nutritionists and informed consumers have discovered proven food that helps weight loss and metabolism calibration.

Prepackaged Destruction

Pre-packaged and designed diets aren’t as proven to work as the foods in this list. Combined with willpower and moderation, they are the generator you need to attain the weight you need and want.

Many cultures since ancient times have revered different foods for their weight control and health-boosting properties. So here are some super foods you can use to feel and look the way you want.

Every Super food?

While it would be nice to have every potent donation from Mother Nature listed in one list, the list would be enormous. From roots to seeds, leafy greens to water-based fruits, here is a list of the eight best foods for weight loss. Always ensure consultation with your physician before modifying your diet.

1  Banana

Nothing outrageous here. Bananas have been known as superfoods for a long time. Did you know they are also great for weight loss. Filling and full of potassium, these yellow wonders are packed with flavonoids and amines which, keep you healthy while not having so many hunger impulses. 

Banana; food that helps weight loss

2  Guava

Again, not exotic or hard to come by generally, guava gives you around 580% of your daily dose of Vitamin C and around 200% of your dose of Vitamin B12. It’s also 4 grams per cup, making it a great addition to anyone’s diet, especially those with restrictions.

Guava; food that helps weight loss

3  Green Tea 

Not truly a “food” per se, the power in this weight loss guru comes from the catechins taking out the hard-to-target adipose which, causes fat to release from fat cell walls. Enjoy it around bedtime and when you first wake up for best results. A towel might be a good idea as green tea’s potency can cause sweats.

Green tea; food that helps weight loss4  Beets

The hardest part about getting people to eat beets is the “beety” taste. These antioxidant marvels are loaded with healthy nitrates, which increase the oxygen levels in your blood. This is important as any other form of supplement or dietary implementation will travel your system faster. This will catalyze your weight loss, faster than normal.

Beetroot food diet; food that helps weight loss5  Walnuts

Not only are walnuts delicious, but they also fill the gap between meals perfectly. They are packed with fiber and magnesium which create fullness. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids. These are great for the liver, brain and also, and adrenal functions. This stimulates weight loss. 

walnuts; food that helps weight loss

6  Watermelon

Watermelon not only has a good portion of fiber but it’s also made mostly of water. As the name implies. One thing you may not know is it is high lycopene. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant, and source for good against fat lipids and, high blood pressure. Combined with its ability to hydrate, watermelon is a sure winner to any diet.

Watermelon; food that helps weight loss

7  Cucumber

One whole cucumber is only 16 calories and makes an excellent addition to any salad or sandwich. They are also mainly comprised of watermelon. Around 90% water. One lesser-known thing about cucumbers is that since they produce a flower that contains its seeds, it is also a fruit.

Cucumber; food that helps weight loss

8  Water

While it seems like a cliché way to end a super food list, water is the best thing on the planet for you and your weight loss goals. Forget eight cups. Drink as much as you can without becoming over hydrated. It has many nutrients and vitamins plenty.


Love Water, Love Yourself

No matter what your goals are, drink water and love it. You are made of over 80% water so it makes sense to drink as much as is necessary. Add cucumber or lemon if you get bored of the “taste”. If you double up on green tea and water you will notice results very quickly if coupled with exercise.

Why Such Common Super foods?

This article contained some very easy-to-find, easy to enjoy food that helps weight loss. The most common foods can help you to lose weight but the real trick is to give up on a lot of prepackaged and greasy take-out meals that haunt us. If it is a medical issue causing weight issues then it is advised that you seek a professional dietitian.

Final Thoughts on Weight Loss

While all things mentioned in this article are completely healthy, remember, moderation is the best form of weight loss. Have a healthy body image as you enjoy some of nature’s bounty and discover the benefits of these foods that are helpful in weight-loss .