11 Incredibly Wonderful Camouflaged Animals Around The World

Mimic Octopus

This octopus is called the Mimic Octopus. It’s a species of octopus that has the ability to mimic other sea creatures in order to protect itself from predators. The mimic octopus is able to mimic a wide variety of animals, including lionfish, sea snakes, jellyfish, and sea anemones. As a defense mechanism, many animals are able to change their color to blend in with their environment or as a warning signal. Mimic octopuses take this ability one step further by changing not only their color, but also their shape and texture. They can take on the appearance of more than 15 different animals.  The mimic octopus does this by changing the cells in its skin into muscles that can be manipulated to change its shape. They can change the color of their skin by changing the amount of pigment in their cells.


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